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fredag 21 november 2014

The utopian version of education - week 2: #edcmooc

Watching the youtube-clip A day made of Glass 2 I find myself feeling elated. Although aware of the fact of its commerciality, I am drawn into this perfect world of smiling children and happy parents/teachers. It's a world of constant sunshine and perfect order. Technology always present, but never threatening or enclosing. It's easy to dram of such a time and place where everything we can imagine is possible in teaching.

But I keep reminding myself of the fact that many of the things envisioned in the clip are very possible today, even though they might not look as extravagant as they do in this utopian version. I'm thinking of the part where the students, while working on constructing a bridge, contact a bridge designer to ask him for feedback on their project. This is something that is very possible today too, but I don't think many schools take advantage of the fact that we're able to do this with the help of Skype and other tools.

It's not just about technology. It comes down to imagination. You have to be creative enough to see what's possible with the tools you have. If we develop our imaginations and creativity, maybe this utopian future is a lot closer than we think?

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